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Kate's Journey

New Hair Growth Can Be The Beginning of Something Beautiful

HairMax Delivers Maximum Hair Growth Results!

All You Need To Really Get Growing

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LaserBand 41 Hair Growth Laser
41 Medical Grade Lasers, As Little As 3 Minutes Treatment & Flexible Comfort Band Design

LaserBand 82 Hair Growth Laser
82 Medical Grade Lasers. 246 total Laser Coverage. Customer Favorite


Density STIMUL8™ Shampoo with NRG8-pLEX(2 oz)

Energizing formula supports hair strength, clears away impurities, reduces build up and promotes scalp micro-circulation. Sulfate Free. Paraben Free.

Density EXHILAR8™ Conditioner with NRG8-pLEX(2 oz)

Seals hair cuticle to defend against breakage. Adds visible body, shine and volume. Sulfate Free. Paraben Free.

Density ACCELAR8™ Hair Booster + Nutrients with NRG8-pLEX(1 oz)

Instantly thickens and provides lift at the root. Light activated ingredient enhances the laser treatment.

Dietary Supplements. Hair, Skin & Nail Formula
(30-day supply)

Nourish your hair from within. Provides nutrients and minerals for longer, stronger hair. Great for skin & nails too!

Laser Devices & Free Bonus Products Provide A Multi-Targeted Treatment Addressing The Six Mechanisms of Hair Loss

3 Proprietary Elements for Effectiveness

Laser Stimulation. Follicle Activation.

Restore, Revitalize & Regrow

You'll fall in love with your hair again, with these clinically proven results!

Over 90% Success Rate

Increases Density & Fullness

Energizes & Awakens Follicles

Stimulates Hair Growth

Reverses Thinning Process

Restores Hair Growth Cycle

Revitalizes Damaged Hair

Science by HairMax. Inspired by You.

Kate’s Hair Growth Journey

Inspired by a real HairMax success story. Hair loss and thinning hair is not just a man's issue. Female pattern hair loss is something most women will experience.

Follow Kate as she explains how hair loss aged her beyond her years, negatively impacting her life & self esteem. HairMax helped Kate's hair grow stronger and with her new-found self-confidence, Kate grew stronger too!

Keep your hair looking younger and growing stronger at any age. #GrowStronger

HairMax Before & After Transformations

Before Photo 2 After Photo 2
Before Photo 1 After Photo 1

Individual results may vary.

Before Photo 3 After Photo 3

Recommended by TOP Physicians

“I recommend the HairMax LaserBand to my patients because it's easy to use, comfortable and shows good results.”

DANIEL MAN, MD Premier Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

“I recommend HairMax to my patients who are looking to reverse the thinning process, without drugs and the side effects that go with them.”

SONIA BATRA, MD M.Sc. M.P.H, and M.DM, Board Certified Dermatologist, Santa Monica, CA.

"HairMax has proven very beneficial to my patients. The sooner you start, the better results you will get with reversing hair thinning and stimulating hair growth.”

ZAKIA RAHMAN, MD Clinical Associate Professor of Dermatology, Stanford University, CA.

Hair Restored. Lives Enriched.

HairMax Success Stories

"With HairMax there was no more hair at the bottom of the drain to worry about."

"It's been my solution to fuller, thicker,
denser hair."

"There's hope - and it's in the form of a LaserBand!"

"Noticeable increase in hair 'body', fuller hair appearance (shine, lustre, fluffier), also substantial increase in scalp tone."
Guy M.

"I have less breakage, new hair is coming in around my hairline and it’s in better shape than it’s been in a long time."
Kristy S.

"After about 2-3 months I was looking in the mirror at my hair, low and behold I had so many baby hairs growing back."
Denise J.

"Awesome product, enhanced hair appearance, healthier scalp, new growth and restored elderly hair color!"
Robin B.

Hair Growth Devices

for Every Budget, Lifestyle & Hair Loss Concern

Ultima 9 Classic LaserComb

9 Lasers - 11 Minute Targeted Treatment & Affordably Priced

Ultima 12 LaserComb

12 Lasers - 8 Minute Targeted Treatment with Lighted Timer Display

RegrowMD Laser 272

272 Lasers - 30 Minute Treatment Clinically Proven Hair Growth In a Cap

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